The A2Pay online shop is an all-in-one solution for all your merchant needs. With a wide variety of products and quick delivery timelines, customers have the choice of paying through either credit or cash. Khula Nathi, the financial service arm of A2Pay, offers a reliable and secure credit system that makes it easy to pay and shop online.

With a user-friendly interface and convenient payment options, customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience. With A2Pay, merchants and members can feel secure that their transactions are protected and their products are delivered quickly


Khula Nathi

The A2Pay Loan division

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The Core Business of A2Pay

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  • 22Ah 280Wh Lithium ion Battery.
  • Able to be charged with AC (eskom) charge time if battery totally flat = Approx 6 hours.
  • Solar panel 120watt with 10m cable.
  • Comms box able to charge on solar and Ac at the same time.
  • On sunny day solar panel will run terminal as well a charge the battery at the same time.
  • Charging time on solar = Approx 4 hours, while running POS
  • Simple plug and play.


1x A2Pay Pos Device

1 x 120w Solar Panel

1x 22ah Lithium Battery

Panel Frame

10m Cable With Plugs

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